A book based on my research into hospital listening practices, entitled Hearing and the Hospital: sound, listening, knowledge and experience, was published by Sean Kingston Publishing in 2013. Comment on the manuscript from Steven Feld, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Music, University of New Mexico:

"There’s a great deal to admire in Tom Rice’s ethnography of the sensory politics of ausculation. First because it represents a unique conjunction of the ethnography of sound and senses with medical anthropology and social studies of science. Next because it patiently details how sound as a way of knowing so deeply informs social practices of medical listening. And finally because it is so successful in revealing both how hospitals and bodies pulse as acoustic spaces, and how patients and doctors professionalize, personalize, and participate as situated listeners."

Chosen by David Toop as his ‘new must-read’ for the Times Higher Education ‘Summer Reads’ feature – 17th July 2014.

Hearing and the Hospital was shortlisted for the British Sociological Association Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness Book Prize 2014.

For academic reviews see:

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